VoIP Hurricane Net Secured on Monday 7/8/24 at 1100 AM EDT As Beryl Weakened to a Tropical Storm

Hello to all…

The VoIP Hurricane Net secured on Monday 7/8/24 at 1100 AM EDT as Beryl weakened to a tropical storm at that time. The VoIP Hurricane Net fielded dozens of reports from online weather stations reporting wind gusts between 50-98 MPH with winds above 74 MPH being hurricane force wind gust criteria. Sustained winds were high end tropical storm force to Category-1 hurricane force winds.

We wish to extend a special thank you to the South Coast Reflector and Amateur Radio Operator N6KNE (hopefully, we got that call-sign correct) for allowing a connection into our net where close to 10 Amateur Radio Operators checked in and provided storm reports that were sent to WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio Station at the National Hurricane Center. We would love to see more of this cooperation in the future with other parts of coastal areas threatened by hurricanes.

The VoIP Hurricane Net also relayed reports of storm damage via social media and public safety radio feeds during the 9 hour net activation from 2-11 AM EDT. Special thanks to K2DCD-Dennis and KC5FM-Lloyd on the net management team for providing support in gathering stations from the affected area and to AE4WX-Mark Snyder for his net control support this morning. A total of 56 reports were sent in by the net and some of the report submissions had multiple reports within the same report. You can see all the reports in the VoIP Hurricane Net Report Viewer at the following link:


The Atlantic, Eastern Pacific and Central Pacific basins do not have any tropical cyclone development expected over the next week. This will give our team an opportunity to rest, however, a very active season is expected so now is the time for residents along the various ocean basis to prepare their hurricane plans in case they need to be executed upon as we get into a more active portion of the season particularly in August and September. Thanks to all for their continued support of the VoIP Hurricane Net!

Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net