VoIP Hurricane Prep Net Report – Saturday April 4th, 2015

The following Stations checked into the April 4, 2015 Skywarn Hurricane Prep Net. Hyperlinks are spelled out, due to display issues with Facebook.

Voice Checkins (19):

WX1DER, Daryl, Little Rock, Arkansas (Primary Net Control)
WA3TOY, Kurt, Pasadena, Maryland (Backup Net Control/Skywarn Coordinator)
VK3JED, Tony, Victoria, Austrailia (Net Management)
KC5FM, Lloyd, Altus, Oklahoma (Net Management)
KD1CY, Rob, New Bedford, Massachusetts (Net Management)
K3WRY, Joe, Richmond, Virginia (Skywarn Cooordinator)
WB8YYS, Gregg, Stow, Ohio (Skywarn Coordinator)
KJ4EJH, John, Swansboro, North Carolina (Skywarn Coordinator)
KJ4JPE, Janice, Swansboro, North Carolina (Skywarn Coordinator)
VE9MTB, Rick, New Brunswick, Canada (CanWarn)
W3ZR, Robert, Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania
KJ4CHS, Tom, Richmond, Virginia
W4WMM, Alan, Mobile, Alabama
N5ZUA, Steve, Houston, Texas
WD8GEO, George, Gates Mills, Ohio
KB7QHP, Stephen, Chandler, Arizona
WB8REI, Jeff, Tiffin, Ohio
K8ARL, Karl, Tiffin, Ohio
KF5MXG, James, Spring, Texas


Textbox Checkins (1):

VE1AKT, Al, New Brunswick, Canada


Voice Checkins: 19
Textbox Checkins: 1
Total Checkins: 20


The one remaining off season net is on Saturday, May 2, at 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacfic (and also 5pm in Arizona). The net will resume Weekly Operations every Saturday, starting on Saturday, June 6. There was no Training Presentation on the April 4, 2015 net.


You can find us on Facebook (search for VoIP Hurricane Net), and on Twitter at voipwxnet

Question Of The week (from Lloyd, KC5FM):

“Have you listened to the streamed presentations from the National Hurricane Conference?? (yes/no). They are linked to the VoIPWXNet Website (www dot voipwx dot net)


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