ARRL Story on Sunday 1/22/12 Southeast US Severe Weather Outbreak Mentions VoIP Hurricane Net NCO

Hello to all..

Last Sunday 1/22/12, portions of the Southeast United States including Arkansas and Alabama were affected by a severe weather outbreak including tornadoes. One of our VoIP Hurricane Prep Net NCOs, Daryl Stout-AE5WX was mentioned in an ARRL story for bringing up the Weather Watch Net, a pre-net for Arakansas SKYWARN. The complete story can be seen at the following link on the ARRL web site:

We are pleased to have Daryl-AE5WX and all of our NCOs who support our VoIP Hurricane Prep Net and Net activations and congratulate Daryl on his great work during last week’s severe weather in Arkansas. We also extend our gratitude to all Amateur Radio SKYWARN groups in the Southeast US and around the country who support SKYWARN operations such as what occurred last Sunday. We also thank everyone for their continued support of the VoIP Hurricane Net!

Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net

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