April 2009 Australia Bushfire Prep Net Presentation Recording Uploaded

Hello to all..

The April 2009 Net Australia Bushfire Prep Net presentation recording done by Tony Langdon-VK3JED has now been uploaded to the VoIPWXnet web site. The recording and the presentation is available in the VoIP WX Net Presentations archive link off the Main Menu of the web site and have been provided as links below as well:

VoIP Hurricane Net Recording (Approximately 4-Meg in Size): http://www.voipwx.net/files/April_2009_Presentation_Black_Saturday-20090405.mp3

VoIP Hurricane Net Australian Bushfires Power Point Presentation: http://www.voipwx.net/files/Black_Saturday.ppt

VoIP Hurricane Prep Net Training Presentations Archive: http://www.voipwx.net/node/217

Thanks to all for their continued support of the VoIP Hurricane Net!


Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net

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