VoIP Technical Configuration Tips

Hello to all….

During the weekly net, communications tests, and activations, we’ve
noticed several items that we wanted to bring to the group’s
attention and give some tips on how to avoid these issues. These
issues are as follows:

Low Audio/Hot Audio Issues
Many folks have had low or hot audio issues when using their
EchoLink PC or link. One way to get these audio issues adjusted via
EchoLink is to go to the *ECHOTEST* conference server, Node #: 9999.
This conference records your transmissions and plays them back to
allow for adjustments to your transmit and receive audio. Use this
system before checking into the net to assure your audio levels are
proper. This means peaking just into the yellow range when
transmitting and viewing the EchoLink bar. For IRLP nodes, IRLP
reflector channels 9990-9999 can be utilized for audio adjustments.
Typically, most IRLP nodes have good audio.

Conference Capability Enabled In EchoLink
The integrated EchoLink/IRLP conference capability that we utilize
has an automatic conference killer script. If a conference is
detected, the conference will be automatically kicked off the
system. The reason for this is to prevent unintentional interference
to the net by someone conferencing into the station connected to our
net. This is the source of 90% of the interference we’ve had in past
nets. The station is unaware that the node is connected to a net and
connects to the system and unintenionally causes interference.

Conferences interested in being setup as listen only should contact
the VoIP Hurricane Net Management team so we will grant permission
for the conference to be connected. EchoLink nodes/links in the
affected area are asked, if possible, to turn conferencing off when
connecting to our net to prevent interference. At the same time,
this may not be possible and EchoLink nodes/links in the affected
area that must have conferencing enabled or cannot easily shut it
off can email the net management team and we will grant the
exception. If we notice a link from the affected area of a hurricane
that is being disconnected by the conference killer script, we will
go in and grant permission for the link to remain on the system as
well so if your link is in the affected area and gets disconnected,
please be patient, reconnect and we will grant the exception. If its
possible to disable conferencing, we would prefer that to happen but
if it cannot be disabled, again, we will grant the exception.

For PC and link users that can disable conferencing, you can disable
conferencing by going into Tools -> Preferences -> Connections and
make sure the Allow Conferences check box is deselected (ie: no
check in the check box next to allow conferences). This will prevent
you from being kicked off the system if someone connects to you if
you have conferencing enabled.

Echo-IRLP Nodes
Echo-IRLP nodes can connect to the system but the system forces
Echo-IRLP nodes to connect using the IRLP side only. If you attempt
to connect with an Echo-IRLP node on the EchoLink side, you will
hear a message stating to reconnect to the IRLP side of the system.

I hope this document helps give some people some understanding on how
to properly set their audio and gives a better understanding of
EchoLink conferencing issues and why we request it to be disabled.
Please let the VoIP Hurricane Net Management team know of any
questions and thanks for your continued support of the VoIP
Hurricane Net!

Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net