W9LUO-Marilyn Gardner, VoIP Hurricane Net – Net Control Operator – SK (Silent Key)

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It is with deep regret and sadness that we have learned that one of our VoIP Hurricane Net – Net Control Operators has passed away. Marilyn Gardner-W9LUO passed away on April 19th, 2016. She was 73 years old. She was active not only with the VoIP Hurricane Net but also with the Evanston Illinois Amateur Radio community and Illinois ARES. The details on her services etc. can be seen via the following link:


We will miss Marilyn’s participation as one of our Net Control Operators. She was there for both the VoIP Hurricane Prep net and for net activations for landfalling hurricanes. I recall her running one of our VoIP Hurricane Prep Nets after SKYWARN Recognition Day and her jovial comments after the “multiple personalities of WX1BOX” checked in as part of our traditional “joke check-in” on the last VoIP Hurricane Prep Net of the year after SKYWARN Recognition Day a few years ago where each operator we had at our station checked in as WX1BOX. I also remember her sending me personal notes after my mom’s passing last year. She will be greatly missed in the Amateur Radio community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends, family and Amateur Radio Operators that knew Marilyn.

Special thanks to Debbie-WX9VOR, one of our new net controls and involved with the WX9LOT Chicago, Illinois SKYWARN Program, for passing along this information on social media. Thanks to all for their continued support of the VoIP Hurricane Net!

Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net

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VoIP Hurricane Prep Net Report – Saturday April 2nd, 2016

The following stations checked into the Skywarn Hurricane Prep Net on Apr. 2, 2016. Station locations are from the hamdata.com website, unless otherwise noted. Due to hyperlink issues with Facebook, the Skywarn Hurricane Prep Net website is listed first in the links section, below the checkins.


Question/Comment of the Week from KC5FM: 

To whom does your Skywarn system report?  National Weather Service, Emergency Management, media, or a combination of them??


Voice Checkins:

WX1DER, Daryl, Little Rock, AR (Net Control, SPC Outlooks)
WB8YYS, Gregg, Kent, OH (Backup Net Control, Skywarn Coordinator)
K2DCD, Dennis, Ewing, NJ (Net Management)
KC5FM, Lloyd, Altus, OK (Net Management/Question Of The Week)
WA3TOY, Kurt, Pasadena, MD (Skywarn Coordinator)
W3TDH, Tom, Takoma Park, MD (Skywarn Coordinator)
VE9MTB, Rick, New Brunswick, CN (CANWARN)
WA2AQQ, Bob, East Meadow, NY
N1VXP, Rick, Chilicothe, OH
KB1CYO, Phil, Foxboro, MA
AF5JG, Eric, Marrero, LA
KA5EZQ, Rick, Belle Chasse, LA
KG6FIY, Endaf, Long Beach, CA (mobile)
N7BMH, Brian, McCall, ID
N5ZUA, Steve, Houston, TX
N5OZG, Joe, Metarie, LA
KC8FQV, Mark, Macedonia, OH

Textbox Checkins:

W4CFH, Chuck, Edgewater, FL
W9LUO, Marilyn, Evanston, IL
WA4MDQ, Ruth, Dallas, GA
VE1AKT, Al, New Brunswick, CN
KK6RJR, Richard, Bakersfield, CA
N4ARZ, Gary, Salem, SC


Voice Checkins:      17
Textbox Checkins:     6
Total Checkins:      23


To save space, and for further details, please go to the following websites for more information on these topics.


VoIP Skywarn Hurricane Prep Net:

Main page: http://www.voipwx.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/voipwxnet?_rdr
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