VoIP Hurricane Net Post Hurricane Norma & Hurricane Tammy Activation Report – Saturday 10/21/23

Hello to all…

The VoIP Hurricane Net was active on Saturday 10/21/23 from 700 AM EDT-900 PM EDT for Hurricane Norma in the Eastern Pacific affecting the Baja California Sur peninsula of Mexico and Hurricane Tammy affecting the Northern Leeward Islands in the Atlantic. A huge thank you to our Net Control team which included K2DCD-Dennis, KC5FM-Lloyd, KB9LXH-Joe, KO4UMQ-Woody and KD1CY-Rob for their efforts on Saturday. Approximately 30 volunteer hours were logged by the Net Controls and Net Management team in preparing and executing this Hurricane Net activation.

While no direct contact with Amateur Radio Operators in the affected area occurred, our strategy of monitoring online weather stations and social media generated numerous reports particularly from Hurricane Norma but also from Hurricane Tammy. Weather stations in Cabo San Lucas reported wind gusts as high as 83 MPH with over 11″ of rain. Social media images of downed trees and wires around the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico were also received.

Later in the day with Hurricane Tammy in the Northern Leeward Islands, images of downed trees and flooding from Guadeloupe along with an unofficial report of a weather station at a hospital in Barbuda of sustained hurricane force conditions were also received. Over 30 reports were generated by the team with several observations used in National Hurricane Center advisories and discussions. The report viewer with the link of reports can be seen at the following link:

We appreciate those that monitored and those that executed this net activation. As we enter the offseason, we will look for continued ways to improve Amateur Radio direct and relayed information from these affected areas for future hurricanes. Thanks to all for their continued support of the VoIP Hurricane Net!

Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net