VoIP Hurricane Net Activation Update – Ian Update – Thursday 9/29/22 – 130 PM EDT

Hello to all…

**VoIP Hurricane Net was deactivated when Ian was downgraded to a tropical storm on Thursday 9/29/22 at 5 AM EDT but is now reintensifying at 11 AM EDT and will likely be a hurricane when it makes landfall in South Carolina**
**VoIP Hurricane Net reactivated at 1130 AM EDT 9/29/22 and will remain activated with a call-up with advisory information and looking for stations in the affected area or stations with relays into the affected area of Ian with any SKYWARN reporting criteria reports across Florida, Southeast Georgia, and South Carolina through Thursday 9/29/22 at 1100 PM EDT given its large tropical storm force wind field and heavy rainfall affecting a large area and the catastrophic effects on Florida in case anyone is in need of assistance. The net will shutdown into monitoring/listening watch mode overnight and reactivate from Friday 9/30/22 at 600 AM EDT through 11 PM EDT for Ian’s expected hurricane landfall and hurricane conditions in South Carolina**
**WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio station at the National Hurricane Center, will also be active throughout this period sending reports into the National Hurricane Center throughout this timeframe.**
**The VoIP Hurricane Prep Net for Saturday 10/1/22 has been cancelled due to the extended Hurricane Ian activation**

Hurricane Ian has had catastrophic impacts in the state of Florida. The net handled 7 calls for water rescue received over social media and were sent to the US Coast Guard and over 100 reports were sent into the National Hurricane Center, Miami Florida with several of the reports utilized in NHC advisories and updates. In addition, the NWS Boston/Norton mass office was assisting in monitoring for reports across the Florida peninsula and numerous reports were sent in from our office to local NWS offices for dissemination to the NWS offices affected by Ian. The report viewer complete with all reports is listed below:


After Ian dropped to a 65 MPH Tropical Storm, it is now back up to 70 MPH winds and has moved over water. It is expected to reintensify into a hurricane. It has a huge area of tropical storm force winds and it will then have a core of hurricane force winds around the center between now and Friday Morning. We have reactivated to a format of call-ups looking for reports from stations in the affected area or stations with relays in the affected area of Ian, offer any assistance to the area, and read out advisory information every 20 minutes through 11 PM EDT Thursday Evening and we will then shut down and reactivate at 6 AM EDT Friday for Ian’s expected hurricane landfall in South Carolina.

Any Amateur Radio Operators in the affected area of Ian or with relays into the affected area of Ian are asked to provide surface and damage reports into the VoIP Hurricane Net for relay into WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio station at the National Hurricane Center. We appreciate any and all support from Amateur Operators in the affected area or Amateur Operators with relays into the affected area. We are looking for reports based on the National Weather Service SKYWARN Reporting criteria. This can be seen on the VoIP Hurricane Net web site at the following link:

Any pictures or videos of wind damage, river/stream/urban/storm surge flooding etc. can be sent to our voipwxnet Facebook and Twitter feeds or the following email address: pics@nsradio.org and credit will be given to the Amateur Radio Operator, weather spotter or individual that took the photos and media and be shared with the Amateur Radio team at the National Hurricane Center and other agencies and outlets.

Advisories on Ian can be seen off of the Atlantic Tropical Products menu selection on the voipwxnet web site, via our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and off the National Hurricane Center web site via the following link:

Reports as obtained via the VoIP Hurricane Net from Amateur Radio Operators in the affected area, relays from the affected area or from APRS/CWOP Weather Station feeds and other social media outlets can be found at the following link:

APRS, Winlink, AllStar, Hamshack Hotline resources that can be monitored are as follows:
APRS kc5fm-9
Winlink KC5FM
Allstar 28848
Echolink KC5FM-R 906281
Hamshack Hotline 94032
DMR TGIF 31207
P25 31207
Yaesu Fusion 31207
M17-SUN module A

Stations outside the affected area that do not have relays into the affected area who would like to listen into the VoIP Hurricane Net can use any of the following systems for listen-only purposes and can connect on either Echolink or IRLP:
*NEW-ENG3* Echolink conference node: 9123/IRLP 9123
*SKY_GATE* Echolink conference node: 868981/IRLP 9252
*KC4QLP-C* Echolink conference node: 290251
*ARERT* Echolink conference node: 902723
*WASH_DC* Echolink conference node: 6154
*WX5FWD* EchoLink conference node: 372418/IRLP: 0010 Reflector/Allstar: 516220 Hub

These two streaming audio feeds should be available. Those streaming audio feeds are as follows:
Streaming feed 1: -Provided by KC4QLP-Bob Carter
Streaming feed 2: http://audio.arert.net/ -Provided by the ARERT conference owners and sysops

Please note that there could be additional listen only nodes and streaming feeds. If time allows, this info will be updated via the voipwxnet web site and social media feeds.

The VoIP Hurricane Net Management team continues to closely watch major Hurricane Ian. Thanks to all for their continued support of the VoIP Hurricane Net!

Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net