Tropical Storm Fiona Update As of 9/17/22 – 1230 PM EDT/1630 UTC – Modifications to Tonight’s Prep Net & Likely Sunday Net Activation

Hello to all…

Tropical Storm Fiona is showing signs of organization per the NHC 11 AM EDT Saturday 9/17/22 advisory and a Hurricane Warning has now been issued for Puerto Rico. It is likely that the VoIP Hurricane Net will activate on Sunday for Fiona and impacts to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and potentially the US Virgin Islands.

Tonight’s VoIP Hurricane Prep Net will take place as planned but we will be looking to line up stations in the affected area of Fiona or stations with relays into the affected area of Fiona to prepare for Sunday’s VoIP Hurricane Net. We will take these stations first followed by Net Management with comments from those stations as well as the latest advisory information on Fiona. We will then take check-ins from all other areas but skip comments for tonight’s net from stations outside of the affected area.

The latest NHC advisory information on Fiona can be seen off the VoIP Hurricane Net web site under Atlantic Tropical Products or via the National Hurricane Center web site at the following link:

The VoIP Hurricane Net Management Team will closely monitor the progress of Fiona. Thanks to all for their continued support of the VoIP Hurricane Net!

Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net